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Kyle Propes



Resides: Atlanta, GA

Why do you prefer EnerBee over other energy drinks?
– Enerbee is incredibly clean. You feel clean after drinking it. It’s energy you can rely on. I use it prior to training. One of my favorite things is using it post workout. If I have a busy schedule after training sessions, if gets me back on track and focused for the rest of my day.

How did you get started in Jiu-Jitsu?
– I originally wanted to try Muay Thai out. At the time I walked into the gym, the only thing going on was a Jiu Jitsu class. I was told to “hop in class” and the rest is history.

What are you most passionate about with jiu-jitsu?
– I love what it does for people. I have had the pleasure of teaching children and adults. Being the person at the beginning of their journey is an incredible experience. I believe Jiu jitsu makes the practitioner the best he/she can possibly be. It’s something that helps them in every aspect of life. People create families through this sport. You often see your training partners more than your own family.

Highlight of your career thus far?
My promotion to Brown belt under Master Ricardo Murgel. I have always struggled with the expectation of going to school or becoming a business professional. The one thing I have learned the hard way is, life is always better with Jiu Jitsu. In other words, make sure you are involved with something you love.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
– I wanted a military special operations contract.

How does it feel to be on the EnerBee team?
– Absolutely amazing! This team is an opportunity of a life time.

Quote to live by:
– “I carry the dignity of the sport as my flag. I watch over my family name with affection, nerves, and blood”

Other interests:
– Shooting, Accounting, Rugby, Cooking, Technology, Hiking, Swimming, Traveling, Friends , and Family.